Cloud Computing


Docker 02: Bash, variables and logs

A 3 minute tutorial to grasp a few Docker commands.


Profiling your Golang app in 3 steps

Intro to profiling Go apps or packages. To keep it short I will only focus on the computational optimizations.


Docker 01: first 3 steps of your web app — Pragmatic Docker series

A simple, straightforward, pragmatic tutorial for back-end engineers.


Learn software development at scale from an AAA project

Delve into the epic journey of developing a next-gen persistent space simulator. Post for: devs, designers, devops, Q&A and writers.


Software engineer — from monolith to cloud: think small

Let's explore how did the paradigm changed over the years when talking about back-end web applications.


Software engineer — from monolith to cloud: Auto Increment to UUID

The technical details and the new mindset needed to make the switch.