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Newbie’s cosmology and astronomy resources

This year I decided to invest time in a new hobby, and as I went along I decided to share the best free online resources I found on these…


Concerns about the future trading in Pokemon Go

Am I the only player concerned about how trading will affect the game in a negative way?


Who is tucking who?

It’s 1 a.m. I should be sleeping. I want to sleep. I need to sleep. Everyone wants me to sleep, including my boss. Usually, my wife is…


Adrian game-marks. Chapter I — the awards

Gaming is a big part of my life, and keeping up to date with a huge industry is hard. I will share a list of my latest (best) highlights…


Administraţia cu două capete

Te aștepți să fii tratat de sus de către această făptură numită asistenta șefă. Însăși prin titulatură suferă de șefie. Te miroase de la o…