Adrian Bledea Georgescu [software engineer]

Pushing the boundaries with new technologies and thus creating new challenges every day to solve, is what Adrian did in the approximately 7 years of web and server technologies experience. Passionate about programming as an art, he believes that software is a craftsmanship. 5 years of agile gaming development with continuous delivery, publishing almost every day, led Adrian to believe in interactive education and that gamification can improve any field.

At least that’s what my LinkedIn summary says.

Currently my career has 2 main focus areas, learning to design and implement large scale distributed systems and mentoring (with a tendency into bringing new talent in the IT sector). In my free limited time I’m doing mostly the same things, see my latest personal project


My favorite heroes

I worked mostly in startups, so I am used to doing more than expected. I often got involved in all aspects of the company, ex: distribution, marketing, internal tools, sales, software architecture and hiring.

  • {~3y} of e-commerce: SEO, finances, stocks, customer support, sales
  • {~5y} of gaming: web and mobile, Facebook, core and social games
  • {now} I live into the #☁️, working as a Cloud Software Engineer in a cyber-security company.

Based on technologies used

  • {~6y} of web: full stack web (generalist), servers&clients, SQL/noSQL. PHP, JS, CSS, Canvas, NodeJS, data engineering & more
  • {~2y} of Unity3D: C# (Mono) (mobile, appleTV & webGL)
  • {since 2018} specialized in Go distributed systems and Cloud solutions

My journey so far led me from BASIC ➡ Go, from toddler tablet games ➡ being a lead engineer, trough monolith ➡ scaled apps, from stored SQL procedures ➡ web components, from SQL optimizations ➡ UI A/B testing, from billing software ➡ game mechanics, from continuous integration ➡ user KPI’s, from real-time multiplayer games ➡ docker containers, from static HTML ➡ mobile shops, from IE6 ➡ AppleTV.

You get the point, I get bored quickly, I need to learn and get involved in new projects or my brain will malfunction.


I actually own and like this puzzle

Programming as a craftsmanship is my main hobby, learning something new keeps me happy. Lately Golang, serverless & cryptocurrencies got my attention, AR/VR are on my radar.

Teaching programming, mostly to young kids or friends, starting with Scratch & Khan Academy.

Gaming, especially MMO’s are a big chunk of my life, I have spent more than 10 years dissect them. Board games are my favorite because of the share amount of diversity in game mechanics. I also develop games in Unity3D in my free time.


Cross Country MTB kept my body from rotting in the last few years. *other hobbies are leaked around the page


Delivering daily a service with 10k CCU … nope, my biggest achievements are my👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 (2) children 😍.